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At DREAM X EDUCATION, we are here to assist you to explore your research-based and (or) professional-based interests and achieve your dream in your future study, research, and practice in the world-class universities in Canada and North America. We are here to deliver the differentiated support based on your needs of academic engagement, social involvement, professional development, and lifelong learning and practice across multi-disciplinary context such as social science, science and business fields in global education. If you have your dreams engaging in world-class universities, institutions, NGOs, and top 500 companies, you can achieve your dream (success) with DreamXEducation.

Dream X Education

DreamXEducation is an educational consultant organization founded by Meng Xiao – Dr. Dream. Dr. Dream and the Dream X team are formed by experienced educators, researchers, scholars, and professional leaders from world-class universities, institutions, NGOs, and top 500 companies in Canada and North America. We work collaboratively to assist you to explore your interests academically, socially, and professionally based on your personalized needs. If you have your dream, you (we) can achieve your dream (success) with DreamXEducation.

We are here to support your dream (success) through the following Dream Engagement Strategies (DES):

Academic Engagement

We are delivering online learning and collaborative engagement of academic theories and research methodologies; providing personalized academic and social-cultural development; offering mentorship program, publication support, and conference practicum on one-on-one and group basis.

Social Engagement

We are supporting you to gain networking skills and social experience and find your sense of belonging and enhance your social engagement to ensure the successful transitioning and involving experiences in your study and life in Canada and North America.

Professional Engagement

We are connecting you with excellent professionals through our mentorship programs to ensure your professional experience and differentiated competitivity in your future job market.

Person Engagement

We are empowering your wellbeing as the whole person with the supporting resources based on your differentiated demands and your identities to achieve your dream (success).

“Thanks Dream X Education for making my dream of being a civil engineering professional come ture”.

“Thanks Dream X Education for supporting me moving forward to my dream path of being a social work scholar step by step”.
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