Academic Engagement Team

Dr. Dream, Ed.D., M.Ed.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Dr. Dream

Dr. Dream, Ed.D. and ME.d. in Social Justice Education with a collaborative specialization in Comparative, International and Development Education and Environmental Studies at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Dr. M. X. is currently appointed as the graduate assistant of the Mathematic Education under the SSHRC Canada-China Partnership Grant Reciprocal Learning Project. Dr. Dream. has previously worked in multiple roles as Department International Outreach Coordinator, OISE Student Ambassador, OISE Communication Assistant, CUPE 3907 Recording Secretary at University of Toronto. Dr. M. X.’s Ed.D. project is about Chinese international student engagement in Canadian graduate schools in terms of supporting their academic and social engagement and socio-cultural development. Dr. Dream. has also been invited to engage in large-scale international academic conferences located in Canada, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan and presented the rich findings of her projects globally. Dr. Dream, named herself Dr. Dream and the organization DreamXEducation, and her Dream X team are here to support your dream of success through her research-based engagement philosophy. Currently, Dr. Dream offers the academic engagement mentor programs including international comparative theories, social justice and student engagement, and environment sustainability based on her expertise on these fields.

Mr. L. T., Ph.D. student, M.A.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Mr. L. T.

Mr. L. T. ,Ph.D. student at University of Toronto, is a scholar of social movement and the pedagogies emerging through activist sensibilities. Pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral at the University of Toronto in women and gender studies, education, and sexual diversity studies; Mr. L. T. follows the lineages of socialist and transnational feminism, queer Marxism and queer Asian studies, paying particular attention to migration, class, infrastructure, reproduction, affect and intimacy in post-socialist China and within the queer Asian diaspora in North America. Mr. L. T. current project is tentatively titled ‘Queer Social Reproduction: infrastructure, platform and post-socialism’. His previous research and creative writings have appeared and will appear in journals such as QED, Rethinking Marxism, Journal of Canadian Studies, Invert, Higher Education for the Future and Intersectional Apocalypse. With Rose Ann Torres and Coly Chu, Mr. L. T. is working on an edited book Asian Canada is Burning to be published in 2022 by Fernwood, also a board member of the Society for Socialist Studies and the chairperson for QTBIPOC caucus at the National Women’s Studies Association. Being in the academia, he sees gaps existing within methods and theories taught in China and in North American Anglophone discourse. This is particular true for humanities and social sciences. To this end, I will be able to provide academic engagement, especially for students who are interested in pursuing an academic trajectory in the humanities and social sciences in North America, for the minds that question and for the potentials these sensibilities entail. Mr. L. T. provide three basic models of mentorship programs: critical thinking for beginners (for high school students and first/second year undergraduates) and advanced critical theory and methods (for third/fourth year undergrads who wish to study humanities and social sciences in North America). These will cover some basics for critical humanities, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, human geography, urban studies and women and gender studies. Further, he also provides advanced level mentoring in specific disciplines: queer theory, women and gender studies as well as cultural studies.

Mr. W. S., M.Ed.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Mr. W. S.

Mr. W. S., M. Ed, a research assistant in a world-class neuroscience lab. Graduating from UofT with a master degree in developmental psychology, Mr. W. S. have worked in an experimental psychology lab. Interesting about Mr. W. S. is that he has a different background in which he did my undergraduate in finance. After he had graduated from my undergraduate and worked in several counties for a few years, Mr. W. S. realized that the activity in mind is far more fascinating than the numbers in accounts. Apart from research and study, Mr. W. S. also like to cook, try new food and play badminton. Thus, students can meet me at the local food court as well as the sports center. Mr. L. T. currently provides the mentorship programs of psychology academic consulting.

Ms. Y. Z., Ph.D. candidate, M.A.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Ms. Y. Z.

Ms. Y. Z. is a second year PhD student in Language and Literacies Education at the University of Toronto. She has earned her Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria in 2018. Ms. Y. Z. has expertise in English language learning and teaching, research designs, and curriculum development. Over the past decade, Ms. Y. Z. has worked and studied in Canada, strengthening her skills as an educator, a researcher, a scholar, and a community member. To her, engagement means to find a connection that grows and flourish into passion and commitment, be it to a field of study or a role in the society. With her knowledge and experience, Ms. Y. Z. is confident that she is able to support her students with their academic pursuits, as they navigate through unfamiliar learning environments and venture into new and exciting paths towards becoming whom they dream to be. Mr. L. T. currently provides the mentorship programs of Applied linguistics and Creative Writing Strategy.

Ms. S. Q., M.Ed.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Ms. S. Q.

Ms. S. Q. helds M.Ed. degree in Curriculum & Pedagogy at the University of Toronto. Ms. S. Q. believes that English learning is more than language competences. In fact, English and literacy learning is a microscope through which we see our understanding of ourselves and the world; it is also a telescope through which we see other worlds and others’ understanding of the world. Ms. S. Q. believe students can go beyond the linguistic confinements, standardized test results, and the limitation of learning a language. Ms. S. Q. teaching philosophy is to read the word and read the world.  Ms. S. Q. hopes to foster her students’ literacy competences, civic awareness and their ability to learn when they are at a young age. Currently, she offers the mentorship program of Independent Writing and Critical Literacy will help students become independent readers and writers.

Professor G. L.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Professor G. L.

Professor G. L. is a financial expert who has a comprehensive experience inside and outside Canada working and teaching in the field of Business and Finance. Professor G. L. worked in small and multinational companies like IBM; 4 years business consulting for small and medium enterprises; 2 times entrepreneur creating and developing a non-profit organization and a bookshop franchise. Professor G. L. has been working for over 5 years as a professor for undergraduates and graduates in Canada. In Dream X Education, Professor G. L. is currenting offering the mentorship program including Finance: North America Financial Market & Investments, Business: Marketing Theories and Entrepreneurship, and Project Management: : PMBOK and Software based on your individualized engagement.

Mr. S. W., Ph.D. Candidate, M.Ed.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Mr. S. W.

Mr. S. W. is currently a Program Manager at York University, overseeing a team of 30+ instructors for digital technology programs such as data analytics, blockchain development, and machine learning. He is also an executive committee member for the Ontario Council of University Lifelong Learning. Mr. S. W. held various roles on federal, provincial, and institutional level committees and working groups, and has also served as a university trustee of the Board and Senator. Previously, Mr. S. W. also served on the Research Consultation Group for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario and has obtained over $100,000 in research funding from organizations such as the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education and the Ontario Council for Articulation and Transfer. Served as an academic engagement strategist, Mr. S. W. is currently working on his Ph.D. research at York University, received his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto in 2017, and received an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Professional Ethics from Brock University in 2008.

Professor L. S., MEd.,

Academic Engagement Strategist

Professor L. S.

Professor L. S. is a passionate educator, scholar, and artist. Professor L. S. got a Bachelor of Science in computer programming and worked as a freelance database programmer for a couple of years. Ten years later, Professor L. S. decided to shift my career into education, as I discovered my love for teaching. Consequently, Professor L. S. earned her Early Childhood Education Diploma and worked as an ECE teacher and consultant for ten years. Professor L. S. completed Masters in Education from the University of Toronto where she was socially engaged in very rich learning opportunities such as promoting equity and inclusion amongst U of T students.  Professor L. S. finds great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and learning from others. Professor L. S.’s favourite role is to scaffold her students into reaching their goals by working on their skills and strengthening their confidence. Professor L. S.’s experience is focused on mentoring adult students in enhancing their research, language, and time management skills as she consider these three factors as the pillars for successful learning. Professor L. S.’s ability to communicate with and motivate her students is a key element in supporting them to bring out their potentials. 

Ms. C. K., Ph.D. candidate, M.A.

Academic Engagement Strategist

Ms. C. K.

Ms. C. K. is a Ph.D Candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Recipient (2021-2022). Previously completed teacher education at Queen’s University and obtained Ontario Certified Teacher license for teaching subjects Chemistry and Mathematics in high school, Ms. K has completed 1 independent research project, currently conducting another independent research project, and research assistant in two SSHRC-funded research projects. Ms. K has been participating in 2 SSHRC-funded projects under the supervision of professors at the University of Toronto and presented at several conferences (CSSHE, CSSE, CACUSS, STLHE, OISE GSRC).

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