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Ms. S. L., Ph.D. Candidate

Person Engagement Strategist

Ms. S. L.

Ms. S. L. is a multi-lingual (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) international educator with 9 years of higher education student services and administration experience in North American and South-east Asian markets, an effective intercultural communicator and analyst proficient working with diverse population in program development, recruitment, and management. Originally from China, Ms. S. L. received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising from Hong Kong Baptist University, and her Master of Science in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As part of the Global Learning division, Ms. S. L. works closely her colleagues in Study Away, create and administer educational programming on Intercultural Competence for the Concordia community. Ms. S. L. also designs and conducts annual orientation and training programs for all international students on campus. Currently, Ms. S. L. is also a board member for the Minnesota International Educator in the U.S. Ms. S. L. is currenting offering the mentorship program including Finance, Business and Project Management based on your individualized engagement needs and supports you on the social networking in these fields.

Ms. S. L., CGTF/USGTF Master Teaching Professional, TPI Certified Professional

Person Engagement Strategist

Ms. S. L.

Ms. S. L., CGTF/USGTF Master Teaching Professional, TPI Certified Professional, IGPA Sport Psychology Consultant, Principal of So Golf Academy, Director of Canada International Golf Association. Ms. S. L. becomes the first Chinese female master golf teaching pro in Toronto, Canada and has over 500 students in the past two years. The transition of her career roles made her continuing success, also unlocked the potential of her business mind. Sophia says, “life has been constantly giving up and choosing, but I can deliver psychological counseling and help people find a meaningful path for themselves, all of which does not require too complicated theoretical knowledge”. Ms. S. L. can support your wellbeing with her plentiful and valuable experience on interest orientation, career planning, individual development, personal coaching as well as self-image buildup with positive energy in your life-long engagement.

Ms. C. D., ME.d

Person Engagement Strategist

Ms. C. D.

Ms. C. D., M. Ed. in Developmental Psychology and Education at University of Toronto. Studying at University of Toronto an international student, Ms. C. D. explored her deep understanding of education and experience of engagement based on her field. She is passionate to learn from different people and culture and also a good listening partner around them, resonating with their story and be supportive whenever they need help. The most important things for Ms. C. D. as a person is that “you really have passion of what you do, and treating people around you the way you want to be treated and stay humble”. Knowledgeable in the educational psychology field, Ms. C. D. is here to support students throughout organizing or introducing them to volunteering or fundraising events they are interested in, and frequently following up with them to see what they are interested in and what are their concerns for taking care of their well-being.


Person Engagement Strategist

Mr. A. Z.

Mr. A. Z. is a senior advisor on foreign students studying in Canada and a regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC) with years of experience in the assessment of government programs. He is also the founder/CEO of Crystal River Immigration Consulting Service Ltd., a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) and the All Canada Association of Chinese Immigration Consultants (ACACIC) as well as a commissioner for taking affidavits. Mr. A. Z. has worked on over 3000 immigration cases, each of them having its own complexities, and received countless positive feedbacks and thank-you notes from his trusting clients. He is proficient in immigration law and familiar with the working practices of government officers. Having formed a close, direct connection with many Canadian professional associations and government departments, he is always informed of the latest information on the ever-changing immigration policies. Mr. A. Z. is here to offer professional consulting to students who want to engage in Canada as immigrants after their graduate in Canadian schools.

Ms. S. Q., M.Ed.

Person Engagement Strategist

Ms. S. Q.

Ms. S. Q. holds M.Ed. degree in Curriculum & Pedagogy at the University of Toronto. Ms. S. Q. believes that English learning is more than language competences. In fact, English and literacy learning is a microscope through which we see our understanding of ourselves and the world; it is also a telescope through which we see other worlds and others’ understanding of the world. Ms. S. Q. believe students can go beyond the linguistic confinements, standardized test results, and the limitation of learning a language. Ms. S. Q.  hopes to foster students’ literacy competences, civic awareness and their ability to learn as well as their well-being since they are at a young age.

Professor L. S., MEd.,

Person Engagement Strategist

Professor L. S.

Professor L. S. is a passionate educator, scholar, and artist. Professor L. S. got a Bachelor of Science in computer programming and worked as a freelance database programmer for a couple of years. Ten years later, Professor L. S. decided to shift my career into education, as I discovered my love for teaching. Consequently, Professor L. S. earned her Early Childhood Education Diploma and worked as an ECE teacher and consultant for ten years. Professor L. S. completed Masters in Education from the University of Toronto where she was socially engaged in very rich learning opportunities such as promoting equity and inclusion amongst U of T students.  Professor L. S. finds great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and learning from others. Professor L. S.’s favourite role is to scaffold her students into reaching their goals by working on their skills and strengthening their confidence. Professor L. S.’s experience is focused on mentoring adult students in enhancing their research, language, and time management skills as she consider these three factors as the pillars for successful learning. Professor L. S.’s ability to communicate with and motivate her students is a key element in supporting them to bring out their potentials. Professor L. S. engages students in different social activities and academic projects, as an introduction and support for their future professional and personal engagement. Attending University and College is important, but mostly it lacks the one to one guidance to prepare us for real-life challenges. Being able to play a part in preparing our young students to face their challenges with confidence, Professor L. S. considers that a great accomplishment.

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