Our Engagement Philosophy

What does Engagement mean to Dream X Team?

Dr. Dream

Academic/Social Engagement Strategist, Dream X Education Founder

“Engagement means academically, socially, and professionally engaging as an enthusiastic educator, female-identified researcher, engagement consultant, life coach, multitask mom, and a whole person and contributing to my communities based on my cultural experience and intersectional identities.”

Mr. S. L.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“Engagement aims to offer excellent customer service based on professional financial knowledge and analysis.”

Ms. S. L.

Professional/Social/Person Engagement Strategist

“Engagement means a promise to inspire us growing together.  It also indicates a tireless responsibility and an energetic dedication for offering anyone who needs help and support through their lifetime.”

Mr. Y. T.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“Both the United States and Canada have a long embracing history for newcomers, but that does not guarantee transcendent self-realization for any international students. There is a lot to overcome to survive in a different culture. Engagement means despite all the obstacles, one can shine through as a unique individual whenever and wherever.

Ms. C. D.

Professional/Person Engagement Strategist

“Engagement means that you feel free to share your ideas without receiving any negative judgment that’s based on not what you say but who you are. You feel your identity is explorable but respected. You know from your heart that you are a part of this community or this class. People don’t give you too much or too little attention.”

Mr. L. T.

Academic/Social Engagement Strategist

“For me, engagement is feminist praxis, meaning that to engage is to hold space and to nurture relations. In the academic context, I hope not only to cultivate critical, feminist and humanist ways of seeing the world but also to invite you on a journey to an ocean of knowledge.”

Mr. W. S.

Academic/Social Engagement Strategist

“What engagement to me is the exploration of the interest, the discovery of goal, and the pursuit of academy. As you may know, research is not easy, it comes with a variety of temptations, confusions, and frustrations. Therefore, engagement is a pure curiosity that accompanies you to go through this journey with a happy ending.”

Mr. A. Z.

Person Engagement Strategist

“We have still experienced unknowns in the world. Engagement is an exploration of our own possibilities. Within the engaging process, there is an opportunity to develop your continuous diligence and detail-based skills, to strengthen your resilience, and to become the most dedicated person towards your dreams. These are the keys to your dream life.”

Mr. T. W.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“Engagement of international students lies in being able to enjoy their academic life while preparing for their future. The key to engage is to face the numerous uncertainties with the optimistic mentality.”

Ms. Y. Z.

Academic/Social Engagement Strategist

“To me, engagement means to find a connection that grows and flourish into passion and commitment, be it to a field of study or a role in the society.”

Ms. S. Q.

Academic/Person Engagement Strategist

“To me, engagement is awareness, empathy and communication. Learning is engaging. Meaningful learning experiences are ones that raises students’ awareness, connect teachers with students, and students with the world.”

Ms. X. O.

Academic/Person Engagement Strategist

“Engagement to Chinese international students means they are able to overcome the language barrier to effectively exchange information with others, actively take part in school activities and social work, and gradually adapt to the western culture. Competent students will own the same level of sense of fulfilment as they lived and studied in their home country.”

Professor G. L.

Academic/Social Engagement Strategist

“Engagement means taking action. An engaged person is constantly in the state of brio, uncomfortable with the current situation, constantly seeking for improvement, and self-motivated to find answers.”

Ms. L. A.

Social Engagement Strategist

“Engagement to me is to be involved in one’s community and to create spaces to better that community and promote one’s own growth.”

Mr. D. D.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“My understanding of student engagement is basically, what is the level of motivation for students to learn and to enjoy their academic experience, how much do they want to participate in not just their studies and but beyond of that as well. Because you can be engaged in academics and also be engaged in the student clubs or activities outside of that.”

Ms. C. W.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“Engagement to me means effectively working with students with diverse learning needs by utilizing their strengths to help them smoothly transition to a new cultural and linguistic environment.”

Mr. S. W.

Academic/Professional Engagement Strategist

” Engagement in a foreign educational, social or workplace setting is challenging and complex. Students have much to benefit by being able to access services and supports that allow them to plan their navigation through this new environment.”

Professor L. S.

Professional/Social/Person Engagement Strategist

“Learning and engagement are two faces of the same coin. We need to be engaged in what we learn to master our learning. Hands-on engagement and the ability to communicate and relate to what you do on different platforms transform your learning from theory to practice. Being able to play a part in preparing our young students to face their challenges with confidence, I consider that a great accomplishment.”

Mr. P. P.

Academic/Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“To me, engagement means to offer support and guidance to students who are lost in directions or feel far away from finding their true passions.”

Ms. S. L.

Professional/Person Engagement Strategist

“I believe meaningful engagement refers to opportunities to learn with people from different walks of life. This is a great way to interact with others and build on your intercultural competence, a skillset that will prepare you as you interact people in professional and social life.”

Mr. R. W.

Professional/Social Engagement Strategist

“Being engaged in elite education in the United States can help you achieve your dreams through hard work, career development, diverse culture, and personal improvement.”

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