Social Engagement Team

Dr. M. W, Ed.D., M.Ed., MBA

Social Engagement Strategist

Dr. M. W.

Dr. M. W. works as the Analyst and Public Diplomacy Officer at Canada’s NATO. He has a history of serving for various U.S. Ambassadors and U.S. Consul Generals in Pakistan, Brunei and South Africa as their Cultural and Program Advisor. In 2016, Government of Pakistan appointed him as Secretary General and North America Representative for Interfaith Harmony. Dr. M. W. also served as President Rotary Club Lahore Mozang in 2016. He is an active volunteer with the Canada Pakistan Business Council. Dr. M. W. holds the Master and Doctor degrees of Social Justice Education from U of T specializing in Social Justice Education, Comparative International Development Education, and Global Affairs. He has also graduated from Business Sustainability Strategy, Harvard Business School. Dr. M. W. also is experienced on the collaboration with the stakeholders of national and international companies and the NGOs leaders based on his experienced social networking strategies.

Mr. Y. T., M.Ed.

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. Y. T.

Mr. Y. T., M.Ed. of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Toronto, is an experienced educator/ consultant in the international education sector. Mr. Y. T. is currently working for the largest educational non-profit organization who evaluates and advocates for the recognition of international education qualifications in North America. As one team lead in Canada office, Mr. Y. T. has helped a lot of students to find their professional pathway and future interests. Lived and thrived in both Eastern and Western cultures, Mr. Y. T. is familiar with the difference of both dominant ideology and professional requirement. As a manager and interviewer, Mr. Y. T. witnessed a lot of struggle and confusion from new-comers in Canada as job-seekers who are seriously lack of social engagement skills, the professional cultural differentiation between Chinese and North American working environment, and oral self-articulation in a professional setting.. Mr. Y. T. would love to have the chance to help you find your best social networking strategies and career inspirations to your dream job on the educational consulting field.

Mr. T. W., M.Ed.

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. T. W.

Mr. W., M.Ed. of Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto. Live to learn, and learn to share. Mr. T. W. is here to help. He is currently an international market development manager working for a leading enterprise in the FMCG industry. He is also a considerate and experienced educator who has inspired hundreds or thousands of students from all over the world. With rich work experience in different fields in different countries, Mr. T. W. is able to understand the international students’ predicament in navigating their career paths overseas. His mentoring has empowered various lost students. As a lifelong learner, Mr. T. W. is particularly interested in helping students balance study and work. Mr. T. W. believes the Engagement of international students lies in being able to enjoy their academic life while preparing for their future.  Mr. T. W. would love to have the chance to help you find your best social networking strategies and career inspirations to your dream job on the FMGG industry.

Ms. Y. Z., Ph.D. student, M.A.

Social Engagement Strategist

Ms. Y. Z.

Ms. Y. Z. is a second year PhD student in Language and Literacies Education at the University of Toronto. She has earned her Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria in 2018. Ms. Y. Z. has expertise in English language learning and teaching, research designs, and curriculum development. Over the past decade, Ms. Y. Z. has worked and studied in Canada, strengthening her skills as an educator, a researcher, a scholar, and a community member. To her, engagement means to find a connection that grows and flourish into passion and commitment, be it to a field of study or a role in the society. With her knowledge and experience, Ms. Y. Z. is confident that she is able to support her students with their academic pursuits, as they navigate through unfamiliar learning environments and venture into new and exciting paths towards becoming whom they dream to be. Ms. Y. Z. would love to have the chance to help you find your best social networking strategies and the inspirations to your academic pursue on the filed of Applied Linguistics.

Mr. S. L., MFin, MIB

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. S. L.

Mr. S. L. , Master in Finance with specialization in Commerce and International Business at University of Sydney, Bachelor in Finance at Fort Hays State University. With over 7-year global working experience in financial sectors and Financial Planner CertificateMr. S. L. has been working as Financial services Manager in Bank of Montreal to provide comprehensive financial plan and was awarded as an annual outstanding customer service provider. He has been also actively engaged the BMO employee giving donation initiatives in the branches and invited to provide financial personalized support to Chinese communities in Toronto regarding his expertise on Canadian Financial System and Banking services. Mr. S. L. would love to support students with their experience of social networking in the financial filed.

Dr. Dream, Ed.D., M.Ed.

Social Engagement Strategist

Dr. Dream

Dr. Dream, Ed.D. and ME.d. in Social Justice Education with a collaborative specialization in Comparative, International and Development Education and Environmental Studies at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Dr. M. X. is currently appointed as the graduate assistant of the Mathematic Education under the SSHRC Canada-China Partnership Grant Reciprocal Learning Project. Dr. Dream. has previously worked in multiple roles as Department International Outreach Coordinator, OISE Student Ambassador, OISE Communication Assistant, CUPE 3907 Recording Secretary at University of Toronto. Dr. M. X.’s Ed.D. project is about Chinese international student engagement in Canadian graduate schools in terms of supporting their academic and social engagement and socio-cultural development. Dr. Dream. has also been invited to engage in large-scale international academic conferences located in Canada, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan and presented the rich findings of her projects globally. Dr. Dream, named herself Dr. Dream and the organization DreamXEducation, and her Dream X team are here to support your dream of success through her research-based engagement philosophy. Dr. Dream would love to support students’ better engagement with her rich experience on social networking on conferences, publications, leaderships in the academic field.

Ms. L. A, B.A.

Professional Engagement Strategist

Ms. L. A.

Ms. L. A., a University of Toronto graduate studying Philosophy with an English and Bioethics minors. Ms. L. A. is passionate about writing, literature, learning how to think and articulate arguments, social and environmental justice issues. As a professional strategist, Ms. L. A. was involved in a lot of co-curricular activities, like working at UofT’s Sustainability Office, writing for TMV Magazine (a UofT publication), founding GirlUp UofT a club dedicated to empowering women and girls’ education and getting involved in my college’s student union. Hence, in her UofT community, Ms. L. A. was actively involved in spaces like the Sustainability Office, TMV Magazine, University College to better the community and help promote its growth and my own. Additionally, Ms. L. A. identified an area of interests that she felt is not being given the attention it deserves: barriers women and girls face in accessing an education that was not enough attention being paid to it: women and girls’ education and I decided to create a space specifically targeting the barriers that women and girl face in accessing an education. Currently, MS. C. D. offers the mentorship program of Social Equity Philosophy and Educational Practice at Dream X Education.

Mr. D. D., M.Ed.

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. D. D.

Over 8 years’ experience in academic and career advising, Mr D.D. is passionate about engaging and supporting students in the pursuit of their career goals. If you currently do not have a career goal or a dream career – no need to panic! Mr. D. D. recognizes that not every student will have a specific career in mind and can struggle with identifying career options. Mr. D. D. is also able to help explore your interests to identify possible career pathways you might have not thought about previously, and also help you strengthen your social networking skills. Mr. D. D. is a full-time professional at a prestigious Canadian university, while pursuing a Master of Education in Student Development in the same school. Mr. D.D can provide academic and social engagement by through the exploration of student interests and provide guidance in navigating the academic and social environment to follow their career goals.

Ms. C. W., M.Ed., OCT Certified

Social Engagement Strategist

Ms. C. W.

Ms. C. W. holds the Master of Teaching (MT) at Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Honored degree in Education at University of Malaya, specializing in English Literature and Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL). Ms. C. W. has obtained Ontario Teacher Certificate and also additional qualification from Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Currently, she works at one of the Ontario public school boards. Ms. C. W. has been enjoyed working with students with diverse learning needs by utilizing their strengths to help them smoothly transition to a new cultural and linguistic environment. With over 7 years of international teaching experience in China, Malaysia, and Canada, she has supported various students facing challenges such as cultural shock, feelings of isolation, language barriers, and difficulties to engage in different aspects of their new lives. She currently takes the role of the social and professional engagement strategist at Dream X Education by integrating her unique experiences of and perspectives on collaborative, inclusive, and engaged education. Ms. C. W. is able to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths, abilities, and interests that truly inspire them. With her inclusive support, Ms. C. W. will help students realize their potential by focusing on their accomplishments and reflecting on past successes to promote a growth mindset.

Mr. P. P., MBA, CFA

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. P. P.

Mr. P. P. holds M.B.A degree in Finance at Columbia business school. Graduating from U of T with an honor degree in Accounting, Mr. Pan has years of experience working in both fund industry and corporate finance at a major bank in Canada. He also got experience working at one of the top PE firm in China during his MBA and received the best value investing training at Columbia business school. With his rich international experiences working and studying in Canada, US and China, he has developed global perspectives and is willing to share his knowledge and experience to fellow students. He is now doing a start-up, promoting financial literacy to Chinese community in North America, and his company “Smartnext” was selected as the member of Columbia Start-up Lab 2020 cohort.

Mr. R. W., MFin, CAIA Level II

Social Engagement Strategist

Mr. R. W.

Mr. R. W. holds a Master in Applied Economics and Behavioral Finance graduating from Cornell University. Mr. R. W. currently works as a Senior Associate at EY-Parthenon, and worked as an Investment Analyst at Vcanbio Capital. With more than ten years of studying in the United States, Mr. R. W.  has rich experience to support students solve problems and challenges related to academic, work, life, culture, and social communication. For students who are eager to study in world-class American high schools, Mr. R. W. can support their applying, study, and practice in elite education. For students who are eager to study in the Ivy League, Mr. R. W. can assist students for better transition and future career planning in Economics and Finance.

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